Thankful.  Grateful.  Appreciative.  Humbled by what you have, sincere in thanking God for the blessings you can count.

Thankful for a home.  A clean bed.  Plenty of covers and fluffy pillows.  Grateful for heat, lights, being warm when its freezing cold outside and having that feeling of safety knowing full well the world doesn’t offer that to everyone.  Appreciating there is a pantry downstairs with food in it.  And a fridge with more food inside there, too.  Knowing/ having the sense of security unlike way too many others who are living in this cold, harsh world do not know, that we are not starving and have enough for ourselves and enough to share if anyone stops in.

People who love me. People to love and who want the love I long to give. Friends who know I pray for them and who pray for me. Even animals who know I love and care about them and that they belong to me.

So many things to be grateful for in this broken world.

A church family that wants me to be among them.  Who freely, unselfishly offers me their love, friendship, encouragement, wisdom, and spiritual support.  Close friends within the church family that reach out instinctively when they know something’s wrong.  Prayer chains and prayer warriors who jump into the battle instinctively to join forces to bring strength and victory to a situation.

So many things tangible (I have 4 pairs of boots!) and non-tangible to be grateful for (I arrive home from running errands safe and unscathed) that I can count as blessings.

I have a husband who loves me.  Four kids who adore me.  Two grandchildren who make growing old less painful and a Father who listens to me when I cry out to Him.

The sufferings of my little world pale in comparison to the blessings.  The troubles of this world are many; the blessings are many more.

May this Thanksgiving find us counting our blessings instead of the calories.  And when we tally them all up, may the overwhelming goodness of what we have before us bring us to a place of such humble appreciation that, when we consider what we don’t have, it doesn’t matter much at all.

Happy GRATEFUL Thanksgiving



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