Its hard being human

Being a human being is not for sissies. Theres so much that can and does go wrong.

We start out with such potential. If we’re free (as in being for instance an ‘American’), and we’re born healthy, then we’re strong. If we’re strong, we’re able, and if we’re able then We CAN. We can work to become anyone we want to, good or bad. We can make choices that affects our wealth or our poverty through life. We can work hard or hardly work. We can look for deeper meaning to life, or we can ride it like a rollar coaster, taking wild chances for quick thrills. Anything we SET OUR MINDS TO DOING makes life a exhilarating prospect for our success, for our satisfaction and to find true meaning and rewards in the years that each of us have to live on this planet.

All of that is as true as the pitfalls.

Pitfalls of life are real, and they always cost us something. They can cost us heath and stability and security and peace… Falling to the pitfalls can cost years off what little time we ever had allotted to us in the first place. They can put you ten “years behind the eight ball” as my husband Jack always says, causing you to waste previous years getting life right.

And what about the body we get? How it’s so mortal and frail… geeze, a good fall can kill it! One wrong bump on the head can make you die. Its fragile, the human body. Fragile and needs constant upkeep. Constant care. Constant tending, cleaning, feeding…. And not to be vulgar, but really, just look at what happens to it when it just gets “backed up” for crying out loud. It’s horrible!

Yet the body was petfectly designed, even those of ours with the big hips or ugly feet. Its designed to heal a cut from a sharp object if kept clean and tended to. Its able to experience touch and to see great mountains that loom in majesty and dark rolling clouds along a far-away vista while with the ears, hear the roar of thunder as the clouds fiece companion. Our sensual pleasures titalate and our vocal chords stretch out splendidly into musical chords of every range. We are fearfully and wondetfully made! And … we’re quite vulnerable. Humans are subject to all the phyical aspects of good and bad, just as much as to the emotional aspects of good and bad.

How many people do you suppose are there, who hurt so deeply they want to die… yet that agony isn’t within the body, but in their heart?

And we know of course, that a broken heart isn’t really a broken body part, but a piece of us that loves so deep that when we grieve we suffer. Truly suffer.

I used to try and make my kids understand that as people, we are not human being here to have a spiritual experience rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. For sure Jesus did, and we do too.

Jesus left His perfect Home in Glory to come to earth as a baby. To bear our sins yes, but also to feel our struggles…fears…temptations…weaknesses…and to enter the ring of life with anyone who recognises their need for His help getting through it all. Yes, He ultimately has VICTORY and yes, He reigns forever in the End and we who hold tight and fast to Him through life reap the heavenly rewards praise God, but before Heaven, there’s here. And ‘here’ can be the toughest place to be be: A mortal human being living a life in a world that’s absolutely unpredictable, dangerous, frightening , and where our bodies are easily killed and in a new york second can come to a abrupt halt for you. Scary business. I don’t know what kind of human being wants to go through all that alone, but I dont. If Jesus offers me a relationship not just for the ever after, but the here and now and He offers to come along for the ride? Well…I can’t even imagine any bettet offer ever made to mankind. Can you?

I hope this perspective causes Someine to see how vital it is to Think God. I pray theres one soneone who reads this and starts to imagine the reality of Jesus and how what we humans choose to do with the time we have here is up to us. Make your choice! And remember; You dont have to go it alone.

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