The Open Door

Stangers with lovely smiles and carrying heavy bags coming in the door bring smiles in exchange for hellos as suddenly, we’re no longer strangers.

Theres something about hosting people, giving someone refuge for a night or two. A place they’ll readily belong to for a moment in time. In this time you may catch a glimpse of one another in home mode, and wearing pajamas.  You sip coffee without make up, and laugh over something as naturally as if you’ve been at it for awhile.  No tension or stress, just like passing one another in the garden or on the dock is another chance to talk about how delightful it is to see all the natural  beauty surrounding us here at CSI, a happy place that fills the need of the spirit for such visual majesty.

We all need to hear and see nature. Theres something about the singing of birds, waves lapping the shore, the wind making the water dance in the sun…fresh air, wild gardens and a big old house made for people to come to, to visit and sleep in and be in.

Cold Stream Inn is no corporate endeavor. We don’t have manacured grounds or perfectly paved walk ways. We dont have a team of maids or a full time or even part-time groundskeeper. The old oriental carpets are worn in places, and the stairs are crooked. Doors squeak. So do floors.  Windows mostly open without a hitch, but there’s a couple need tending.  The beds are old, the linens fresh and wonderfully cotten, but the white pillow cases may not match.

The furniture is all from someplace before us, except the chocolate brown leather parlor set. That we took all our taxes many years ago and invested in a handmade cow hide couch, side chair and ottoman made in North Carolina. Its heirloom in our opinion because its the only furniture that was originally ours alone! The rest of it, the tables and chairs, dishes and clocks and rugs and paintings…..all apart of other peoples lives before us. People we never knew. People who didnt know we’d be the ones ending up with their stuff.

Strangers who visit become part of the Inn just as all the old furnishings. Our visit at CSI becomes woven together in the history of time. While we can only imagine the lives and history of CSI past,  that now becames  part of OUR history too, and our guests, no longer strangers, having spent time living even just a wee piece of their life on planet earth, under the same roof, here with us now, our lives intertwine on this lake, even if only for a brief moment in time and we become friends.





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