Sleeping in Kelly’s Room

The warm coziness of Kelly’s Room is easily over shadowed by its views. A first floor suite, it’s private bathroom with sliding pocket door, makes roaming the house convenient. You are right off from the back of the kitchen, and the parlor is steps away, giving easy access to the dining room and the sun room. Ideal for those with mobility issues. Although please note, there ARE outside steps to come down towards the front door of the Inn, and those with step problems can be shown into the house through a back half-staircase through the garage and directly into the kitchen.

Two wonderful full beds, loaded with fresh linens and blankets and coverlets and quilts, you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug in your bed! Kelly’s Room is 135 per night, with an added state of Maine 9% lodging tax. We also offer 10% off all rooms during the winter season (Nov.1st – May31st) basically swallowing the tax.

In Kelly’s Room, you’ll likely be the first to wake up to the aroma of fresh local coffee perking. Feel free to grab a big mug of joe and retreat back into your comfy bed until a more respectable hour! At CSI, we strive to give our guests the rest and relaxation they desire. You can be as involved in our daily life as you wish, or not at all. We respect your privacy and your wishes!

Call 207-732-4488 with any questions.

We’d love to see your face at our door! All the Best!

Cate and Jack, your Innkeepers at Cold Stream Inn

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