Life at Cold Stream Pond

It’s going on 3 1/2 years since Jack and I found this gem far from the city lights of Boston, our hometown.  I never would have believed for one second that I’d live in the Maine woods, surrounded by wildlife, rolling fields and at the very edge of a 3600 acre “pond.”

Within those years, I’ve fallen deeper in love with the area, the people, the geography and of course, Cold Stream Pond.  If I could do anything different, it’d be finding Enfield sooner, getting here faster, and bringing our four kids here to grow up so to become part of this incredible place.  There’s a peace and serenity that permeates the old village, that actually blankets the area in such natural beauty and a powerful sense of belonging.

Cold Stream Pond in Enfield Maine is a place that your soul longs to belong to.  Small towns with big hearts and big smiles are what humans desperately need to not lose the hope that can be lost in the hurried places with countless blank faces and the lack of eye to eye contact.

In Enfield, people take the time to talk, to answer your questions, to give you directions and wish you a good day.  And they mean it when they say it too.  They have a quality of life here that’s tragically declining in other places, and so when they ask you how you are, they are expecting the truth, and they listen.

Life in Enfield is slower, steadier, calmer and much less stressful than anything I ever knew before.  The beauty of this place lies not just in the landscape and the geography, but in the human beings that occupy the land.

Life on Cold Stream Pond has opened my eyes to a beautiful world I could not have ever known was out there, and life inside the Inn at Cold Stream Pond, well, thats a matter for another blog.

So for the time being, I’ll do to you as has been done to me, and welcome you warmly to our website, wrapping my arms around you and firmly taking your hands in mine to say how glad I am you’re here.

Welcome. I mean that, WELCOME.

Take a visual tour inside our home and around the grounds.  Look at the rooms, imagine  the history of all the antiques that’s in them, see the old iron beds now made up with new mattresses and fresh crisp linens.  Look at the claw foot tub and imagine yourself soaking in the hot soapy water, listening to the quiet and being able to de-stress.  Then, go outside and see the big white Adirondacks on the lawn, just waiting for you to sit down in them.  Say hello to the pets, and all the wonderful people who’ve come to stay here for a night or two or three.  Stare out at the water and imagine the haunting call of the loons.  They’re gone now, off to the coast for the winter, but they’ll be back.  And boy, I sure hope you come back too.

Blessings from CSI