Things to Do

Okay, so it’s not Boston.   That’s kinda the point.  CSI offers you a chance to escape the hustle and bustle.  The cities are for stimulating the senses and pumping you up for action.  What happens here is a quieting of the spirit, a rest for the soul and a refuge for the weary.

Life plays hard ball.  Hard ball will wear you out.  And just as the body needs food as much as the mind stimulation, we have a spirit that has needs too.  A soul within our taxed bodies and rapid fire minds, that longs to be cared for… requires to be attended to, rested, nurtured, and spiritually fed.

Some call it a “battery recharge,” and some call it a spiritual time out.  Whatever you call it, we all need the rest CSI offers in a world gone mad with constant activity.

Up here in the Maine woods, feel free to retreat to the quiet depths of the Inn and do nothing at all or go up to Baxter State Park and explore the edge-of-the-wilderness feel of this frontier with our neighbor Canada.

At the Cold Stream Inn, it’s our hope that you feel at home without the responsibility of all the work.

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Things to do from the Inn:

SPRING & SUMMER —  Swim in the crystal clear water off the docks, from our private beach, or from Morgan’s Beach nearby.  Fish from the shore or from a canoe where you may catch a brook trout or two.  (And the nearby Penobscot River has the best small-mouth bass fishing in the east.)  Kindle a flame in our fire pit and wait for darkness to descend.  Nap in the daytime in the shaded hammock.  Nestle inside the gazebo and read a book.  Drive into Lincoln and shop at Mardens.  Golf at Barnes Brook or Jato Highlands.

FALL & WINTER —  With your camera, capture the riot of color in the autumn leaves.  Drop a line through a hole in the ice and catch a trout.  Strap on snowshoes or cross-country skis.  Go downhill skiing or tubing at Mt. Jefferson in Lee.  Go snowmobiling.  Bring your ice skates and skate to your heart’s content on the 3,600 acres of Cold Stream Pond.

ALL YEAR — Walk (or snowshoe) into the woods with a camera.  Gaze at the Milky Way from out on the lake or from the shore, where there is no light pollution and no air pollution.  Pick blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries in season.  Search for tracks and other signs of wildlife and maybe glimpse a gentle creature you’ve never seen before.  Watch the birds with or without binoculars.

Things to do not far away from the Inn:

BANGOR — Here is a short list of attractions in Bangor, including the University of Maine at Orono:

Cole Land Transportation Museum
Waterfront Concerts
shows at the Cross Center
the almost-famous Bangor Police Department Duck of Justice
Maine Discovery Museum
Penobscot Theatre Company
Collins Center for the Arts
Hudson Museum of Anthropology
Bangor Public Library
Paul Bunyan Statue
Penobscot River Walkway

POINTS NORTH — To the north and west of Enfield, the northern Maine woods is a wilderness the size of Belgium.  Its wonders are too many to list, however the most prominent features may be Baxter State Park just outside Millinocket and the adjacent Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

POINTS EAST — The Grand Lake Stream area lies just to our east, with its famous outdoor recreation opportunities.