The Inn

On the shore of Cold Stream Pond in Enfield, Maine, old-fashioned, tranquil, warm…

…our Inn will bring you back to a simpler way of retreating from life’s non-stop demands — a place of refuge for the soul.

For most, the Cold Stream Inn is a destination.   For others it is a comfortable base for adventure and exploration.  And for some it is, indeed, mainly a place to stay while enjoying personal pursuits in the area.

Even though it is not a roadside motel, it can, of course, be merely a stopover — a wayside inn — if that is all you need.  Stay here once, though, and we think you will always fondly remember CSI as a place to escape to again and again.

We are Jack Marsden and Cate Kennedy Marsden, and we invite you to reconnect with being at peace here at Cold Stream Inn.

We have lived in Lincoln, Maine for 18 years and only recently learned of the Cold Stream Inn.  Now that we have toured the Inn, have met the hosts and owners, Cate and Jack, and have become friends in the meantime, we will be enthusiastic about booking space for our own visitors who come to the area.  And we will certainly recommend it to anyone at all who is seeking “a place of refuge for the soul” — (great tagline, and the Inn’s setting certainly supports that).